Porque 4K?

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Paying Attention: Wired has a new post about the inevitability of the economic model for electronics: what once was expensive soon becomes cheap. In this case, it’s the 4K flat screen, specifically the 4K flatscreen from Vizio. Vizio has always been a company that provides a big bang for the buck. They’re not afraid of ging early into new trends and capabilities and even less afraid of dropping their prices to grab market share.
Should you buy into 4K now? Lots of experts think that despite the downward spiral of prices, it might not yet be time. Why? The airwaves are not full of 4K content (yet) and there are some parameters that should be met to optimize the 4K experience (i.e. view it within 10 feet of the screen and bigger screens are better). But if you interested in 4K do a little bit of research before you jump in. Gizmodo had a nice post on the why of 4K  that is very good reading.
Porque 4K?
Just because it’s cheap may not be the best reason.
The Fine Print: Photo courtesy of VIZIO, (c) 2016, all rights reserved. Thank you for sharing. 

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