A Visit to the Racquet Museum

Embed from Getty Images The Latest Word: The French Open is in full swing (the week of the qualifiers is over and now the big dogs are out–except for Federer) and while tennis is in the sports air, what better time to take a drive down racquet memory lane. Here we have an absolute gem:  The […]

Lost Friends: Niles Siegel

“A man walks down the street,He says, Why am I soft in the middle now?Why am I soft in the middle?The rest of my life is so hard!I need a photo-opportunity,I want a shot at redemption!Don’t want to end up a cartoon,In a cartoon graveyard ….. “—–“You Can Call Me Al”, Paul Simon Transitions: Niles […]

What Happens When the Stock Exchange Can’t Exchange?

Embed from Getty Images Paying Attention: The NYSE Suspended trading in 199 different ticker symbols this morning. The story..and list of symbols.. comes from CNBC.  In a world which is increasingly built on big data and digital interaction/access to that data, the problems of a disconnect or outage can be not just severe but catastrophic. The […]