What’s The Big Deal at Cannes?

Paying Attention: Every year, the Cannes Film Festival, held on the French Riviera, grabs lots of press for the parties, red-carpet fashion shows, and celebrities attending. But it’s what goes on in the background that is really the most important for the movie industry. Cannes is not only where new films and new talent are displayed–to even have a film selected to debut at Cannes is a very big and prestigious honor–but where deals are made for new (and in production) films. To bring you up to date on the core competency at Cannes–supermodels and fashion elite politely excluded–check this article from IndieWire.com on the deals that have been done at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
For more background on the business of Cannes, there’s a Cickpak below (with one detour into Red Carpet fashion)
A Cannes Film Festival Clickpak
Cannes Film Festival 2016  (Source; Wikipedia.com)
Cannes 2016: Official Site   (Source:festival- cannes.Fr)
Cannes 2016: The One Week Report  (Source: Guardian.com)
Best Red Carpet Looks (Source: Fashionista.com)
Official Selections For The Cannes Film Festival 2016 (Source: festival-cannes.Fr)
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