How to Watch Wimbledon

Embed from Getty Images Paying Attention: The world’s most famous tennis tournament is on right now. Here’s a brief guide on where to see it.  The Fine Print: Thanks, always, to our friends at Getty Images for sharing their massive photographic archives. If you’ve got a non-commercial blog (and they don’t come any more non-commercial than […]

The Wimbledon Dress Code

This article was originally published about a year ago. It seems appropriate to bring it back since the Wimbledon Tournament started yesterday, 27 June 2016.      Paying Attention. One of the many traditions at Wimbledon that tennis audiences have come to love is the dress code. Wimbledon imposes a very conservative, all-white dress code […]

The 24 Hours of Le Mans: An Entire Race Covered in Just 4 Press Releases

Paying Attention: For over a decade, I have worked at/with/for Risi Competizione, the top American Ferrari racing team. This year, they went, again, to race in France, at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, a race they have won three times (1998, 2007, 2008) in two different models of Ferrari race cars […]

Newe for Summer: The First Playlist

The Hunt For New Music: When it’s summer, it’s time for summer music. Summer music always a different feel and sound to it. It doesn’t have to be about the beach, sand, water or sun to be summer music, although that doesn’t hurt, but it does have to have a certain attitude about life, good […]

Point of Information: Brexit

Editor’s Note: With this post, we start a new category of subject material: Point of Information. A Point of Information is a feature of a parliamentary debate that allows one party to bring up a fact (or facts) about a particular subject matter under debate. If you’re interested in the topic, click here for further […]