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Press Clippings: Maria Sharapova, one of the world’s top female tennis players, has been given a two year suspension from the sport by the ITF for violating anti-doping regulations. Sharapova tested positive for the banned substance meldonium. You can read about the World Anti-Doping Association prohibited substance list in this previous post on this site. 

You can read the official release here.  Although the ban was respectful (it could have been much worse) it may have the unintended effect of ending Ms. Sharapova’s tennis career. She is 29 years old now, will be 31 when the ban is lifted. The problem is not, however, her age, but the speed at which the sport evolves. Two years in professional tennis is a long time; the game and its top players could be quite different when she returns. It will be difficult (but not impossible) to maintain a high level of proficiency without the world class competition provided on the tour. She has announced her intention to appeal the suspension.
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