String Theory and Lime Rock Race Park

  Yesterday, Risi Competizione, the top North America Ferrari GT racing team, ran at Lime Rock in Connecticut. Lime Rock is and always has been a tough track for the Ferrari; it’s traditionally been much better suited to the Corvettes and Porsches and BMWs that also race in the GTLM class. Risi Comp finished the […]

The Art of the Movie Trailer: Dr. Strange

The Latest Word: The power of the Marvel Comics film franchise is undeniable–in a world in which the success of a film is sometimes a direct correlation to it’s CGI/action content and super-hero character traits, Marvel is king of the hill. The Marvel franchise(s) have had quite a labyrinthine history, but despite all the wild […]

High Beta: Why A Speech at the RNC has Silicon Valley nervous

Paying Attention: The final night of the Republican National Convention is this evening and, like all the nights that have preceded it, this one promises plenty of drama. But one speech and the person delivering it tonight have   captured the attention–along with worried anticipation– of Silicon Valley. The speaker of nervous focus tonight is Peter Thiel. Embed […]

Disrupting the bike

Press Clippings: The Tour De France bicycle race (arguably the most famous bicycle race in the world) is now in progress and, with the Tour comes an amazing bump in interest in bicycles and bicycle racing. Embed from Getty Images Maybe it has something to do with the wall-to-wall coverage the event is receiving from […]