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Editor’s Notes: This blog has 10 different categories (more or less) for posts and content. Some pieces fall into more than one category, but, since transparency is the name of the game today, here’s a brief overview of what content goes into what category:
News, information, background, and visuals on art and artists, local, national, and international. Art in all its forms, from photography to sculpture to architecture, is a major portion of our life; in this category, the goal is to expose new art and artists that you may not be aware of and to provide appreciation for those artists you have heard about before.
Daytona 24
A single topic category, soon to go away. It’s about the 24 Hours of Daytona race, a rather brutal endurance event staged every January at Daytona International Speedway, which is much more famous for the Daytona 500 stock car race than this 24 hour event. The 24 Hours of Daytona has a long, interesting, and sometimes controversial history; the only thing it shares with the classic 24 hour race staged at Le Mans, in France, is the length of the race. Some of the material in this section was originally published on the Risi Competizione site. This category can/will be switched out throughout the year to showcase events at major races. Coverage via The Racing Bunker.
Music we like, that you should know about, that we can all appreciate. The songs, the lyrics, the performances (we try to post a new concert on the weekend ), the people and the trends in music.
This category has sub-categories: albums, blues, musicians, playlists (selections of music for specific events or times) and The Hunt for New Music, which is the ongoing search for great new music (and great new sources for music) that maybe you have not heard before. Also, Playlists are produced for certain times of the year (Christmas, Valentines, Summer, New Years) and they are always very good.
Paying Attention
A section of the blog devoted to trends, news, developments, companies, events that have or will impact our lives. The key here is timeliness. What goes on around us matters.  The focus is to Pay Attention to people,  events, and trends of significance.
Press Clippings
News events, stories, photos, gathered and captured from the news outlets (TV, newspaper, magazine, internet) of the world. There are plans to launch a site that is all news, gathered from around the world and created by a network of Foreign Correspondents. When this editorial concept is fully developed, it’ll be announced here and on Twitter and Instagram. Currently, almost every day, the site starts with the Nightwatch post (“The News While You Slept”) which is a link-based editorial that points you to the great newspapers around the globe. Click through to see the events of the day from a variety of different perspectives. It’s very fascinating and takes only a few minutes to get an overview of what’s going on around the world. We try to get this post up early but sometimes…’s updated later in the day.
Thoughts to break up the day or the text or the running stream of stories and videos. The author (unless anonymous) is always cited.
A big category about the type of automobile we love best. The sub-categories are Ferrari and racing, which are pretty self-explanatory. I spent the past 14 years working with Ferrari and with a racing team, so there are some deep sources here.  However, going forward there will be a series of archived articles on sportscars, racing (provided by The Racing Bunker), and Ferrari and then less coverage as it’s time to move on. It was a part of life, but not the only part; other topics now need and deserve attention.
Editorials with an edge. Have not published many of these to date. These posts may be written by me or by someone else, but they will always make a point and always be inequivocabile in their positions. P.C. has no home in this sports terms, P.C. is just too “soft” for the way the world actually works.
The Latest Word
This category is carried over from the Risi Competizione site that I created, edited, and produced for over a decade ( ). Posts in this category were previously either posted on that site under the same column heading, or written for that site and then withheld due to the massive political considerations present in international racing. There will be no withholding on this site. See above.
Items, videos, posts, photography, art–the not easily categorized and the miscellaneous and random go in this category. A good example is the very large memorial post produced on Brad Olsen-Ecker, a very close friend who died after an extremely long illness. These tributes to people who’ve made a difference are headlined as Transitions.
Point of Information
Taken from the parliamentary rules of order, this category is fact based, with the goal of providing information on topics of top-of-mind interested in today’s constantly changing rule. Sources are always cited. This is a new category, and it’s going to grow dramatically over the course of the year.
We will be adding other categories as we go, and deleting some categories and sub-categories. It’s part of the natural development and editing of the site, editorial evolution.
Why produce these descriptions?
This site/blog/channel was created as a lab for experimentation in digital media, both in subject matter, form of communication, production, scheduling, design, etc. It’s an experiment.  To see what it can become or how it can develop is the goal. The intent is to refresh the site continuously but that’s not always possible due to travel, work, technology, connections, etc.
Noted above is the composition of the site’s main sections at this point in time; the original descriptions were written on January 2nd, 2016, and some new material was added on 25 June 2016. It could be something different tomorrow and almost certainly will be a few weeks from now.
But that is the point. Never static. Always in motion. Like life.

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