Last Call At The Four Seasons

Paying Attention: The Four Seasons–the legendary eating and watering spot with interiors designed by superstar architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson and located in the equally legendary Seagrams Building on Park Avenue in New York (also designed by Mies and Johnson)–closed on Saturday night.

With its closure, as with the closure of any great restaurant, bar, or hotel that has risen to the status of cultural icon,  an era passes. Deals were done, affairs were started (or ended), proposals were made and rejected, buyouts and sellouts celebrated, all within the confines of this most international of international style interiors. How and why it ended is material for another post, but, for today, please read Bloomberg’s take on the closing and this piece from the New York Times  to get a sense of the last night at an international institution. And, for the record, I have dined and had cocktails and gone to business events at the Four Seasons (including the introduction of a new Ferrari model, presented by models wearing dresses that appeared to be painted on, not pulled on) and, yes, it lived up to its’ billing.
Thanks for the Memories.
The Fine Print: Photo by Getty Images (all rights reserved, used by permission), who enables cultural and historical appreciation via their amazing library of photography. Thanks guys, for sharing. 

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