Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: The Shooters

The Olympics
The Summer Olympics are one of the world’s great athletic and cultural events. There will be a nation’s worth of new media and television coverage at the Rio Olympics, but don’t forget to look at/for the very great work that is being done by still photographers at the Olympics.

One of the major engines driving photographic coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics is Getty Images. We love Getty Images at this site, for all the right reasons: they have an unmatched inventory of photos from all eras and of all types, they’re easy to work with, and they share. They make it easy to always get the right image for the (very eclectic) posts that we run. Getty is going all in on the 2016 Olympics and we will be seeing still photography magic this year. ¬†Watch the site for continuing galleries of great photography from the Olympics, as well as lots of good information on the techniques and mind-set it takes to photograph the Olympics.
The Fine Print: Image above from (who else) Getty Images, used by permission. Thanks guys, always, for sharing. 

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