Nightshift Sports Rio: What It Takes To Cover The Olympics

The Olympics
A snapshot of NBC’s efforts/logistics in covering the 2016 Rio Olympics, provided by NBC. Absolutely Amazing.

STAMFORD, CONN.—NBC Sports has released some stats related to its coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro beginning on Friday:

1.1 billion+ Dollars generated in national ad sales.

120,000 Tons of equipment sent to Rio.

75,000 Square feet of space inside the NBC Olympics compound in the International Broadcast Center in Rio.

40,000 Meters of fiber optic cable in the NBC Olympics compound in Rio.

10,500 Approximate number of athletes competing in the Rio Games.

6,755 Hours of coverage across 11 NBCUniversal platforms.

4,500+ Hours of live streaming coverage.

2,000+ Employees on-site in Rio.

2750 Color broadcast monitors in Rio.

1,800Terabytes of video disk storage.

1,000+Employees working in NBC Sports Group’s International Broadcast

Center in Stamford, Conn.

450 Total cameras used for the OBS host feed.

250 Total cameras used for NBC Olympics coverage (including OBS, venue and studio).

132 HD feeds coming in from Rio.

52 Years since NBC‘s first broadcast of the Olympic Games (1964 Tokyo Games).

51 Edit suites located in the NBC Olympics compound in the International Broadcast Center in Rio.

28 Sports featured, comprising 306 medal events.

18 Studios and control rooms (two studios and two control rooms in Rio; six studios and eight control rooms in Stamford).

8 Number of tiers in the NBC Olympics marketing campaign, which generates billions of impressions and reaches every American dozens of times. 

Apps available for fans following the games (NBC Sports and NBC Olympics Highlights and Results).

2 Each of the previous two Summer Olympics have set the record for the most-watched event in U.S. television history (London 217 million; Beijing 215 million).

1 Number of hours Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is ahead of the East coast. Making the 2016 Rio Games the most live Olympics ever.

0 Number of times Brazil has hosted the Olympics.

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