Nightshift Sports: Olympic Wrapup

The Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are now history. New highs. New lows. New Scandals. New miracles. It’s the Olympics, and everything is supersized. Here’s a look back at some of the best reporting and great stories on the Rio Olympics that you might have missed. Olympic Games coverage resumes on this channel in two years, with the Winter Olympics.
The Best Shoes at the Olympics (Source: Newsday)
Back in the Saddle Again:Hermes at the Olympics (Source: Bloomberg)
Athletes Hit The ROI Hurdle in Rio (Source: Bloomberg)
Scandal Drowns Swimmer Lochte’s Endorsements (Source: Bloomberg)
Every Olympian is a Cyborg (Source: Wired)
Sports Illustrated Olympic Wrap Up (Source:
NPR’s Sunday Night Olympic Review (Source:
Olympic Technology ( Source:
Silicon Valley Technology at the Rio Olympics (Source:

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