Nightshift Sports: How The Cubs Won Game 7

Paying Attention

Wednesday night’s game 7 of the World Series, which pitted the Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians, in a battle of two traditional baseball franchises that have not won a World Series in a very long time (108 years for the Cubs, 68 for the Indians) was a classic with a lot going for it: a game 7; great pitchers on both teams; lots of big, crucial hits; incredible fielding; enough errors to keep everything in doubt; management moves on a masterful scale. Some say it may be the greatest World Series game ever played. To appreciate it, one more time, here is a masterful article from The New York Times that takes the game apart inning by inning. Even though everyone knows the outcome, it’s a very good read.
The Fine Print: Embed image courtesy of our friends at Getty Images, who have a massive archive of photos that cover just about every topic and subject. We thank them, as always, for sharing. 

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