Do Smart Products Make Dumb Gifts?

Paying Attention:
Christmas is the time to give, give, give, with many opting to hand out high-tech gifts and gadgets during the season.
And why not? Tech (high or low) is a major part of modern life and often the new tech from year’s past evolves into an everyday necessity that you didn’t know you needed until¬†someone gave it to you at Christmas.
But, there is a limit.
A constant barrage of “smart” products is now raining down on us this holiday season and not all of them are very “smart”; many of them require a lot more assistance to do a simple chore than the “dumb” products they are supposed to replace.
Here’s an enlightened viewpoint on the topic¬†from Fast Company’s Co-Design site.
Well worth the time to read.
It just might change your viewpoint on that “must-have” gizmo.

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