The Bob Hope Christmas Special: 1943

Paying Attention: 
One of the finest American entertainers of all  time–in both talent and spirit– was Bob “Here for the Troops” Hope. During most holiday seasons, throughout his career, Bob Hope went on the road to entertain American troops in war zones around the world, logging 57 USO Tours. He was particular diligent about giving up his Christmas holidays to entertain  American troops all over the world.
This post features an absolute classic, a broadcast (radio, not television or film, so do not adjust your computer screen) from 1943, with Bob Hope entertaining the troops in 1943, in the middle of the Second World War. This particular radio broadcast literally goes around the world as the Special unfolds…’s technically an extremely ambitious production with the seamless switching between locations around the world, decades before satellite transmission made such abilities commonplace. It’s a radio show….so you can stream it while you’re doing other things…
The show features a lot of big names (Lionel Barrymore, Hope pal Bing Crosby) and opens with Hope’s deservedly famous rapid fire monologue.
This one is for listening (closely) and enjoying a certain special history of kindness and commitment.
Thanks for the Memories and special thanks to those who made this one available.
The Fine Print: Embed via YouTube.

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