The Weekend Concert Series: Steely Dan

The Hunt for New Music: 
The big dogs are out: Steely Dan, Think Fast in Cincinnati, published on YouTube in 2014.  Do not have a clue when the concert actually took place. The video is good, the sound is very good (sound board mix? you expect very good sound from Steely Dan), published to YouTube by oxoncricketbloke. You will have to sort through an opening commercial but that’s a small price to pay for this terrific concert.
The structure of the concert is classic: an instrumental warm up, showcasing Steely Dan’s jazz-int0-rock roots and then into the show. They don’t waste a lot of time talking…they just play their music.
Kick it to the flat screen, run the sound through your audio system (very highly recommended) and enjoy.
TheFine Print: Embed courtesy of YouTube, who has an amazing collection of rock concert videos available (and yes, you might have to dig to find what you want). Thanks, guys, for sharing. All rights belong to respective rights holders. 

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