The Winter Film Festival: "Take It Easy", a snowboarding movie

How about one more long video to top off Saturday’s program for the Winter Film Festival (WFF).
This one, “Take it Easy” is sponsored/produced by Quicksilver, 3M, Snowboarder Magazine and Method Snowboarding Magazine. It is–as you surmised based on the names of the sponsors–centered on snowboarding, which is a that deserves equal air time in the WFF. Billed as a full length film, it’s approximately 25 minutes long and filled with great boarding, amazing tricks and frightening wipeouts–the usual stuff for expert snowboarders. Also…don’t forget to support the companies who sponsor and produce these great videos. It’s the best way to say thanks.
In addition to the footage itself, there’s a very good reason to feature this film: It’s just great to see. The energy in the editing, the creative shots, the transitions, the music, are all very adventurous and sharp and terrific fun to see. The pace is dizzying–and that’s  just what is required for the subject matter. “Take it Easy” is just fun to watch.
Even if you don’t snowboard, this one is well worth your time.
See you at the Bottom.
Reminder: The Winter Film Festival is now in process. New videos are put up daily at 12:15PM Central/18:15 GMT. 
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of our friends at You Tube, who have an amazingly large collection of great ski videos available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, guys, for sharing. This post is number 959 for this site. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. 

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