The Winter Film Festival: How Ice Boat Racing Works

Something new to the Winter Film Festival…in the past, all of the videos and films have been on skiing and snowboarding. Today, something new: a video on the rather amazing winter sport of ice boating.
It’s a short introductory video but will get you ready for upcoming films and videos on ice boating.
Ice Boating is an incredibly exhilarating sport. It combines sailing and ice skating; it’s possible to hit speeds of up to 80MPH in an ice boat, with your face only a few feet off the frozen surface of the ice. Ice boating is not mainstream–it requires some exotic equipment and a big frozen lake and it is highly weather dependent, maybe even more so than skiing. It’s possible to have a very cold winter and still not cold enough to produce enough thick enough ice to enable participation in the sport. But it has lasting appeal..enthusiasts have been ice boating for decades.
Maybe today’s video will give you the bug. Enjoy.
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of our friends at You Tube, who have an amazingly large collection of great ski (and ice boating0 videos available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, guys, for sharing. This post is number 962 for this site. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. Story (c) 2017 donald pierce. 

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