The Winter Film Festival:"Swift.Silent.Deep."

Editors note: The video that accompanies this text is no longer available. Instead, you can find an 8 part series on the Jackson Hole Airforce at….sorry but these things happen. 
Another full length classic, “Swift.Silent.Deep” is “the story of the Jackson Hole Air Force”, a rather legendary group of skiers who were pushed boundaries and broke rules by making out-of-bounds skiing and cliff jumps an art form. The film is beautifully shot, produced by Klutch Productions in association with Akita, and sponsored/promoted by Cloudveil Mountain Wear, Teton Village Sports,  and Powder Magazine. Directed by Jon Klacskiewicz, who does a lot of Red Bull’s videos and films, it’s top rate.
Skiing, like a lot of other alternative sports, has always attracted people with a certain anti-authority, rebellious streak. The sport encourages it, and the locations where the sport takes place–small mountain towns out of the mainstream–provide both freedom and shelter for the extreme/backcountry/freestyle skier and their athletic form of rebellion.
There is nothing wrong with it and a lot of that’s right. In exchange for a disconnect from the rest of the world, people who give up careers (and college and stock options) to take their chances and grab their thrills on the front and backsides of mountains gain a kind of freedom and exhilaration that is unknown to 99% of the people on earth. It’s a fair trade.
Legends captured on film, a certain spot in time, great skiing–this is “Swift.Silent.Deep”.
And see you at the bottom.
Our annual Winter Film Festival, the Fourth one we’ve produced, is now in progress.  The WFF posts will go up after the The Nightshift’s daily international news feed which takes place every morning. The Winter Film Festival posts start at 12:15 PM  for the first post.The 2017 Winter Film Festival will conclude on Friday, 17 February. 
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of our friends at You Tube, who have an amazingly large collection of great ski (and ice boating) videos available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, guys, for sharing. This post is number 974 for this site.

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