The Winter Film Festival: The Hahnenkamm

The elephant in the room for downhill racers is always Kitzbuhel and the famous Hanenkamm downhill course. Some will say it’s exhilerating; all will say it’s scary. This video, produced by FIS and Jalbert Productions, provides some history of the race along with commentary from downhiller’s who’ve run the course.
It’s sobering and intense and the historic videos can be frightening.
See you at the bottom (hopefully in one piece).
Our annual Winter Film Festival, the Fourth one we’ve produced, is now in progress.  The WFF posts go up after the The Nightshift’s daily international news feed which takes place every morning. The Winter Film Festival posts start at 12:15 PM  for the first post.The 2017 Winter Film Festival concludes today. It’s been great fun. Hope you enjoyed the films and, again, we thank YouTube and all the companies involved in producing these videos and all the participants in them for sharing. See you next year!  
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of our friends at You Tube, who have an amazingly large collection of great ski (and ice boating) videos available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, guys, for sharing. This post is number 984 for this site. The Winter Film Festival is a production of Perception Engineering. All rights reserved by their respective parties. 

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