Paying Attention:
Yesterday, 1 March 2017, this site put up it’s 1000th post.
That post was, appropriately, a classic quote from singer/songwriter Warren Zevon on politics–perfect for our times.
Starting in 2011, the site has been publishing on a regular basis, typically three or four times a week, but over the last year, increasingly moving to a once-a-day publishing schedule that was initiated as a result of the development of “The Nightshift”, our daily global news feed of the front pages of the world’s greatest newspapers. The site has had an online presence continuously since it’s start date.
This site was created as an experiment–a chance to try different forms of web journalism, re-posting, and communication–as well as an outlet for articles and features (“Should Apple Buy Greece”; “What’s in the Black Box”, “The Good News about Bad News”).  There have been continuing features like “Nightshift”, “Quotes”, “The Weekend Concert Series” and also seasonal events, such as the “Winter Film Festival” which posted 24 videos on skiing, ski mountaineering and snowboarding in lengths ranging from two minutes to over an hour over the course of 14 days. This summer, we will balance the “Winter Film Festival” with a “Summer Film Festival”  focused on surfing and sailing.
The metrics are interesting: a total of 1258 posts in the archives/inventory; 1000 posts published online; 239 posts in draft/development form. The article inventory and the work in progress numbers are larger than many commercial sites, but that’s in keeping with the experimental nature of the site: lots of different topics,formats, and new projects. For 2017, the goal will be to finalize the draft/development inventory and put it all online, then re-build that inventory by the end of the year. Lots of expansion planned as well. It’s an experimental site and so the team at the Media Bunker must continue to push new ideas, topics, formats, information, out.
To the people who check in on a regular or semi-regular basis–thank you for your interest and time.
Going forward, we will be very aggressive in raising the profile of the site and publishing new and original content.
Thanks, always, for stopping bye.

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