The Nightshift: 9 March 2017

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Good Morning. It’s Thursday, 9 March 2017, and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift, the world’s overnight news feed.
The administration presented their take on a replacement for the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) and other than the people who wrote it, it wasn’t received with any great enthusiasm. As Ted Turner once famously said, “It ain’t easy as it looks”. Ted should know–he pretty much did it all.
The CIA is trying to find out who let their secrets out to WikiLeaks. Good luck with that. Rather ironic that an agency that loves to find out everyone else’s secrets is having trouble maintaining their own privacy. Dangerous too–no small degree of national security is involved. A sign of the times: James Comey, head of the FBI, says that there is “no such thing as absolute privacy”.  Hmmm.. where’s my copy of 1984?
In sports, conference basketball championships are going on all over the country; the winners will get an automatic bid to the NCAA national championship (i.e. March Madness) and losers have to hope their season long performance and “strength of schedule” will be enough to generate a bid. Informed sources say that Tony Romo, the talented but very fragile former-starting-quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys will be given his release today. Tony–thanks for all that you did. See ya.
And, in business the American oil industry is now worried about too much oil (the result of successful shale oil production techniques), BMW profits are down as the company tries to close the tech gap on its contemporaries,  and Shell is selling Canadian oil sands properties ostensibly to cut debt (could it also  be because they believe they can replace the production later a lower cost?).
For a slow news day, that was a lot of news. There’s more where that came from.
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