The Nightshift: 2 May 2017

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Good Morning,  It’s Tuesday, 2 May 2017, and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift: the world’s overnight news feed, as we return to a more regular posting schedule.
Fox News continues to implode. Co-President Bill Shine is out–most likely not because of what he did but what he didn’t do during the wave of sexual harassment lawsuits that severely damaged the reputation of Fox News. Next to leave could be another superstar on-air personality, Sean Hannity. It’s looking increasingly like the band is going to get back together with whispers of a new cable news network making the rounds; the new network would combine the talents of ex-Fox News executives and on-air talent. It would find an instant audience. Fox News is seen as becoming more centric as it continues to reorganize. The new network would presumably continue where the old Fox News network left off, hopefully with a more correct internal culture.
Four students at the University of Texas (Austin) were stabbed and one of those four has died as a result of a series of random stabbings by a fellow student. Kendrix White, a fellow UT student was arrested for the incidents. The University of Texas police captured him within two minutes of a 911 call. White is a black student; the students assaulted were all white. No motive or explanation has been offered for the attack.
Also in Texas, a Dallas paramedic was shot and wounded by a man  later found dead in a nearby apartment. The paramedic was on the scene to assist a shooting victim; the paramedic was pulled to safety and taken to the hospital by a Dallas policeman.
In other television news, station owners are either looking to sell out or acquire more stations, as relaxed FCC rules are expected to spur increased consolidation in the industry. Has the television industry benefited from relaxed ownership rules that allow a massive concentration of broadcast properties? Yes. Have the tax payers and population benefit? Not necessarily. It’s quite a long way from the original intent of broadcasting–“to use the public airwaves for the public good”.  How’s your market doing?
Angie’s List–the service that lists vetted providers of home repair services–is to be sold for $600M. Apparently being a great handyman has incredible financial rewards. Hollywood studios and the television networks have reached a new agreement with the Writer’s Guild to keep the films and sitcoms coming. Good thing, summer binge time is coming. And, finally, to add to all the other bad news about flying, Alitalia Airlines is headed into bankruptcy again. This will be the second time in a decade that Alitalia has failed. The day of the “national” airline appears to be coming to a close.
The Houston Rockets beat the San Antonio Spurs 126-99 in the first game of their NBA playoff series.
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