The Nightshift: 23 May 2017

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Good Morning. It’s Tuesday, 23 May 2017 and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift, the world’s overnight news feed.
President Trump continues his first overseas trip, with a meeting with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas today followed by a trip to Rome to meet with the Pope. In Washington, Trump’s first proposed budget is receiving a lukewarm reception.
An IED (improvised explosive device) was set off last night by a suicide bomber at an Ariane Grande concert in Manchester, England. The concert was being held at the largest indoor venue in the UK. Twenty-two people were killed and another 59 were wounded. As of this post, the English Police have identified the bomber and arrested one individual in connection with the incident; ISIS has claimed responsibility.
Lt. General Michael Flynn, fired by President Trump just weeks after taking a position as National Security Advisor, has refused to provide documents to a Congressional committee investigating Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Flynn has pleaded the 5th as his excuse for non-compliance with the request; during the 201 Trump Presidential campaign Flynn was quoted as saying that anyone pleading the 5th had something to hide. The hot mess continues in Washington.
In sports, the Nashville Predators beat the Anaheim Ducks to advance to the finals of the Stanley Cup; they will meet either the Ottowa Senators or the Pittsburgh Penguins (the Pens lead that best of seven series 3-2). The Golden State Warriors completed their sweep of the San Antonio Spurs last night to advance to the NBA finals, where they will meet either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Boston Celtics.
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