How to make the iPad insanely great

Paying Attention:
Apple’s iPad, which created an entirely new category of computing device, has been going through a tough market cycle. In January of 2017, unit sales were down 19% and total revenue was down 22%; even with backward leaning numbers, the iPad still accounted for 13.3 million units and $5.5 billion in revenue and has successfully pushed back a challenge from Microsoft’s Surface combo pad/laptop.  Good by anyone’s standards but….Apple, which expects not just to be tops in each market category but absolutely dominant.
The iPad has a lot of room left for development. If you don’t have an iPad or haven’t spent a lot of time working with one, you should–one thing the iPad does extremely well via software is provide a wide range of options for creating and thinking about various project. The iPad offers a unique way of looking at creative options–it’s not just a portable window into media but represents at his highest refinement, the opportunity for new ways to think about creative options and data. But it could use additional development.
Frederico Viticci and Sam Beckett produced a concept piece that provides a visualized idealization of new software features for the next iPad operating system (IOS11). The video is very slick and very interesting–if you’re an Apple iPad fan(we are). We all know that Apple likes to generate its’ ideas and concepts in-house, but it’s a pretty good bet that Apple has seen (and is monitoring) this short video. Viticci runs a very interesting Mac-biased website that’s a good source for ideas and reviews. He lays out his thoughts on the next iPad in a short and interesting post. 

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