Stormwatch: Shelf Life

The Latest Word:
One of the ways you know it’s a serious storm is by what you can’t get easily anymore. Like Water. Or Ramen Noodles. Or fruit. Or bread. Or Water.

Fruit? No Fruit. All gone. The supply is depleted. Maybe later in the week.

read. Or water.
Water. You want water? We ain’t got no stinking water.

Bread? You want bread. No Bread. No bread on the way. No.No. All gone

Milk….not possible. No milk. You should have been here on Wednesday if you want milk.

Got bad news if you want want Ramen noodles. No Ramen. All gone. But..if you don’t have any water, why would you need noodles?

Not even Wal-Mart, with its legendary inventory management delivery system can keep up with the demand for water…

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