Stormwatch: The Evacuation Checklist

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This is not a pleasant post to write, but it’s a necessary one. There are a lot of evacuations going on in Houston and while we hope that you do not face an evacuation necessity, maybe you know someone who is and could use some guidance in what to take. Here are some sources for you to check out.
The Survival Mom Checklist
HouseLogic Evacuation Checklist (made possible by REALTORS)
Dick Oakes Evacuation Checklist
Parents Partner Checklist
OSHA Workplace Evacuation Checklist
Red Cross Hurricane Evacuation Checklist
Ready.Gov Evacuation Checklist
Hurricane Supply List (From USCG)
The hope is that no one needs this information immediately–that would imply a very difficult set of choices–but if you do, it’s a click away. And if you do not need immediately, you need to pay attention to immediately, just in case–God forbid–sometime in the future, you need to get out in a hurry.
The Boy Scouts said it best: Be Prepared.
The Fine Print:  Stormwatch is a production of Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker. 

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