The Nightshift: 16 October 2017

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Good Morning, it’s Monday, 16 October 2017, and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift.
A truck bomb in the capital city of Somalia has killed over 300 people. Somalia continues to be a predominantly outlaw state where internal strife is a daily fact of life.
The Weinstein Company–the film company founded by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein after they sold their previous company, MIRAMAX, to Disney–is rumored to be up for sale. But what’s there? A portion of the film catalog–some 200 movies–is being used as collateral for  $450 million loan and there is some credence to the concept that without Harvey Weinstein’s producing talents, the company has no assets going forward. What a disaster.
The Trump administration continues its deconstruction of the Obama administration’s accomplishments. This is not a good precedent: a new administration comes in and undoes the work of the previous administration. Repeat. The country’s not going to make much progress with that type of program, no matter if it’s a Republican or Democratic White House. One step forward, one step back is not a great way to manage anything.
The right-wing media attacks on the NFL continue, as outlets complain about “near empty ” stadiums  and highlight “game rigging” conspiracy theories. This line of “fake news” is coming from those wonderful folks who brought you the “election rigging” hysteria. With everything else going on in the world, aren’t there bigger issues to deal with?
Colin Kaepernick, the former 49er’s QB who has been unemployed in football since he opted out of his contract with the 49ers in 2016 has filed a grievance against the NFL charging it with collusion. Important fact: Kaepernick opted out of a $126 million contract with the 49er’s to seek free agency; obviously, Kaepernick made one of the dumbest financial decisions in modern sports history as he found out on the open market precisely what the other teams thought of his athletic future: zero. Considering that his late stage performance for the 49ers was not stellar, maybe he should have just stayed where he was and proved his ability on the field.
Aaron Rodgers, the All-Star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers has suffered a broken collarbon in a game the Packers lost to the Vikings 23-10. He could be out for the remainder of the season but it won’t matter to the Packers: without Rodgers, they have a very small chance of making the NFL Playoffs. In other football news, the winless New York Giants are winless no more: they beat the Denver Broncos–in Denver–last night, 23-10. Ben McAdoo, who replaced two-time Superbowl winning coach Tom Coughlin, is most likely done at the end of the season–or before.  The Dodgers got a 9th inning home run from Justin Turner to take a 2-0 lead over the Chicago Cubs in their best of seven MBL Playoff series game. Don’t count the Cubs out yet–they’re very good at coming from behind.
Today is National Boss’s Day. Why you don’t just march right in there and tell the Boss what you think of him/her? Or maybe not.
Also, we added the CNN “text news” site, which is much faster than their full multi-media site. It’s also below at the end of the links.
Stay safe, stay dry, and help one other person today.
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