Christmas Camp: How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

More intelligent, informed, instruction on how to celebrate the year’s biggest holiday. This installment is focused on not just making the wreath (see previous video or click this link) but how to decorate the wreath once you’ve got it made. Making the wreath provides one part of the canvas; decorating it–either traditionally or more creatively–is the second and finishing part of the project. Use the techniques, ideas, and processes in this video to aid you in creating a wreath that accurately reflects your sense of Christmas style. other thing…take photos throughout the entire process, to save for next year and to archive the steps–it’s easy to forget things when there’s a year in between use.
To set the mood, check out the Christmas One More Time XV playlist at Spotify…just type into your browser and you’ve got music to get you through all your projects.
The Fine Print: Video Embed courtesy of YouTube. It has not been altered in any way. We thank them for sharing. All rights belong to the respective rights holders and we thank them for making their videos available for distribution and sharing. Christmas Camp is a project of….. Copyright (c) Donald Pierce, all rights reserved. Enjoy the holidays.

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