The Davos Experience: What the world's most elite economic gathering looks like, in photos.

Paying Attention:
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Once a year the world’s elite in government and business gather in Davos, Switzerland to meet, mingle, discuss, learn, and plan in the world’s most exclusive economic forum. Our friends at Bloomberg created a stunning photographic survey of the event, which you can access with one click. Later this week, U.S. President Donald Trump will attend the event; who knows what stories he will create when he gets there, but he’s already created one just by saying he would attend. And Melania Trump created yet another story by saying that she would not travel to Switzerland with him.
The Fine Print: Link courtesy of our friends at Bloomberg.Com. We thank them for sharing. Embed image courtesy of friends at Getty Images, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. This photo has not been altered in any way. We thank them for sharing. This post is number 1572 for this site. 

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