Essential Reading in the Post "Memo" Era

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You hear lots of opinions, false or misleading statements, unusual interpretations, polarizing statements, and just flat out lies coming from Washington these days–from both the Democrats and the Republicans. In an effort to set the record straight, here are two sources of relevant information and facts that you might want to consult.
The Nunes-FBI Memo, Annotated by the staff of Politico. 
What the Republicans say it proves (total vindication) and what it really says (nope) are two different things (surprise!). Read the line-by-line analyzed version of the infamous memo, as done by the staff at Politico, who have a long history of deciphering Congressional and Political gibberish. Do so, and you’ll have more knowledge than the Congressional members who voted to release it without reading it. Does it make you wonder what they’re actually doing?
Nuclear Posture Review
You’ll hear a lot in the coming months about our military, military threats to the U.S., our nuclear arsenal, and what we have vs. what everyone else has in their nuclear quiver. Don’t believe the politicians and talking heads: go to the source: the official Nuclear Posture Review as produced by our Defense Department. A democracy works best when its citizens are educated and informed; get with it.
We will continue to do deep dives into policy and information areas that should be of concern to Americans (and our allies) and build out the “Essential Reading” list when new intelligence and articles that shed light on what’s really happening become available in the public realm. In other words: stay tuned.

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