The Nightshift: 4 February 2018

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Good Morning, it’s Sunday, 4 February 2018,  and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift.
Welcome to February (Congrats…you made it through January!)
The Nightshift is moving to a more streamlined format to accommodate a slate of new  Media Bunker  projects.
Super Bowl LII will be played today, with the Philadelphia Eagles playing the New England Patriots. The Patriots are heavy favorites for the game, which is being played in Minneapolis at the new U.S. Bank Stadium. The game is the center of one of the most intense media storms in modern America, as correspondents, reporters, photographers, videographers, and producers descend–in mass–to interview everyone associated with the game and provide  much-desired content for TV, the press, or sports radio talk shows. It’s a collision of journalistic cultures and always fascinating to be involved in. You may have a favorite (the underdog Eagles, the top running Patriots) or, like most, just want to see a good, competitive game (it’ll be hard to top last year’s amazing comeback by the Patriots), but–even if the game is a bust–there’s still lots to look forward to on this uniquely American Sports Holiday weekend: the always amazing Super Bowlcommercials (at $5 million per 30 second spot); the pre-game over-analysis of offense and defense; the ritual de-coding of Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s very few public statements; the celebratory, tail-gate food and drink spread laid out just for this one game at Super Bowl parties around the country; and the half-time show, delivered this year by Justin Timberlake, who can both sing and dance very well (expect lots of both). So….dig in and go deep on the Super Bowl. It’s a great break from all the other stuff that’s not nearly as much fun going on in the world. Enjoy the day and the game.
And, while we’re in the mood to let the rest of the world (i.e. that hot mess in Washington) go away, let’s get ready for the Winter Olympics, which are coming up on the 8th of February. Start with this warmup from The New York  Times. 
Nicholas von Hoffman, a sharp, provocative, journalist and columnist for The Washington Post has died at the age of 88.  Mr. Von Hoffman was required reading for those with even a passing interest in politics or current events in the seventies and, if you had journalistic ambitions, he was a North Star for how far a writer could take opinion and reporting, which he combined in seamless fashion. His contributions to journalism and our times are noted; his voice will forever be missed.
Today is National Homemade Soup Day, so get out a pot, and start cooking. Few things are better than homemade soup on a winter’s day. It’s also national “Thank a Mail Carrier Day” but…uh…it’s Sunday, National Day Calendar people and the mail carriers aren’t around to thank. They’re home relaxing and getting ready for the Super Bowl, like the rest of the country they serve. Say thanks when you see them.
What we’re listening to in The Media Bunker: The Valentines 2018 playlist, compiled by our music editor/producer/DJ Tschugge. 
The front pages (and sometimes more) of the world’s great English language newspapers are linked below.
Please check out the CNN “text news” site, which is much faster than their full multi-media site. It’s below at the end of the links.
A new link to the Boston Globe newspaper has been added. We’ve also added a link to The Local, an English language newspaper in Norway.
Also, we’ve added tech site Ars Technia to The Nightshift. To reflect the growing impact of technology in our life, we will be adding more technology centric sites in the future.
The International Headlines are all at your fingertips, below. As always, thanks for dropping by.
The Times (London
Financial Times (UK)
The Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland)
The Wall Street Journal (European edition)
Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
New York Times (New York)
The Boston Globe (Boston)
The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)
Daily News Egypt (Cairo)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
The Moscow Times (Moscow)
Le Figaro (Paris) (New York)
The Jerusalem Post (Jerusalem)
The Japanese Times (Tokyo)
The Local (Oslo)
Sputnik (Moscow)
The Buenas Aires Herald (Buenas Aires)
The Sidney Morning Herald (Sidney)
Deadline Hollywood (Hollywood)
FiveThirtyEight (New York City)
Politico (Washington, DC)
Lawfareblog (Washington, DC)
Wired (San Francisco, CA)
The Weather Channel
CNN News Text Site
Ars Technica  
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