The 2018 Winter Olympics: Start Here

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The Winter Olympics are here.
They staged some events (team curling, skating) on the 8th and  Friday the 9th is the day of the Opening Ceremonies. As you might suspect, the coverage will be massive this year…not just because it’s the Winter Olympics but also because of the geo-political-sports nature of the event: staged in South Korea which has a long-standing feud with next door neighbor North Korea which has an escalating feud with the U.S. Just to make it even more interesting, North Korea and South Korea are combining Olympic Teams.  International intrigue, indeed.
Forget about all that political stuff on the Korean peninsula and in Washington for the next couple of weeks and sit back and enjoy the Winter Olympics. NBC is providing tons of coverage and we’ll point you in the right direction. For now, all you need to know (well most of what you need to know) about the 2018 Winter Olympics is in this terrific piece from the New York Times.
Give it a read and you’ll be a expert in just a few minutes.
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