The Nightshift: 16 February 2018

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Good Morning, it’s Friday, 16 February 2018,  and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift.
The women’s slalom was staged yesterday at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and if anything was a sure thing going into the contest–Mikeala Shiffrin would take the Gold–it was not at the end. Mikaela Shiffrin, currently the world’s very best slalom skier, had an uncharacteristic tentative first run and a not quite-fast-or-precise-enough second run and did not win a Gold Medal. She did not, in fact, even make the podium, finishing fourth. As one old basketball coach used to say–that’s why they play the game. Shiffrin owned it and said later that she was just too cautious on the first run. but that’s the way sports go…sometimes you have it, you feel it, and you play like a champion, and, 24 hours later, same sport, it’s not there and you don’t play up to your potential. Nathan Chen, touted as America’s next big thing in ice skating due to his pre-Olympic skating skills and mastery of the quad jump, fell and stumbled his way through the men’s short program last night and skated his way out of medal (and endorsement) contention. Adam Rippon, also on the U.S. Olympic Skating team and a bit unpublicized prior to the Olympics, put in a flawless short program and is in medal contention. The Lesson: pressure can upset the best in the sport and bring out amazing performances in those who might have been overlooked.That’s why they play the games……
Mitt Romney hopes to be back: he has announced he is running for the Senate from Utah, seeking Orin Hatch’s seat. Hatch has gone past his sell-by date and clearly lost his fastball in the last couple of years. Much better for everyone: trade a wallowing party-line hack for a real leader who can get good stuff done and hopefully stop bad stuff from gaining traction.
You can see the running medal count with this direct link.
After the Parkland, Florida high school shootings, President Trump said that more efforts should be made to help those who have mental issues, but did not mention gun control as part of the solution to stopping mass shootings. The statement must have brought lots of comfort to gun owners.
Today is National Do A Grouch A Favor Day. We all know them, they need a favor (and probably a hug) today. It’s one way we can help.
What we’re listening to in The Media Bunker: The Valentines 2018 playlist, compiled by our music editor/producer/DJ Tschugge. 
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