The Nightshift: 19 February 2018

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Good Morning, it’s Monday, 19 February 2018,  and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift.
The United States remains in 6th place in the overall Olympic Medal count. The Norwegian team leads with 27 medals. In ice dancing, three U.S. teams are in contention for a medal, while at the downhill, there are changes to the program, as Mikaela Shiffrin has decided not to run in the event. This means she will not face the other top American, Lindsey Vonn. Seems like an intelligent decision since at this stage of her career Shiffrin is a slalom specialist and Vonn is a downhill specialist. The two could–emphasis on “could”– meet in the Combined, which combines both slalom and downhill. The U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey team will play in the finals; they will do no worse than a Silver medal. The Women’s Ice Hockey team has certainly done much better than the U.S. Men’s Team, which has appeared to be over-matched, especially against the Russian team.
You can see the running medal count with this direct link.
Students from the Parkland, Florida high school that suffered from an assault rifle massacre are organizing demonstrations to stop gun violence and the sale of high powered AR-15 assault rifles.
Today is President’s Day. It’s also National Lash Day. Celebrate the holiday of your choice.
What we’re listening to in The Media Bunker: The Valentines 2018 playlist, compiled by our music editor/producer/DJ Tschugge. 
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