The Winter Olympics: 20 February 2018 New York Times Coverage

Nightshift Sports:
Our live and continuing daily feed from the New York Times of  recaps/features on the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Direct Link: NYT  2018 Winter Olympics Coverage
The New York Times has been at this for quite a while  and their coverage is always great and often brilliant.
We’ll put up a link to their summary of coverage and news every day, to make it oh-so-easy for you to stay in touch with the games, the events, the winners and the losers.
To see just how good “old media” can be, we recommend that you read this article from the Times about augmented reality coverage and follow along. 
The Times posted a perma link to their AR site (use an iPhone, please )…. here it is:
The Games are on. Get all the way into them via new media or old.
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