The 2018 Winter Olympics: How to Train Like Mikaela Schiffrin

Nightshift Sports:
Last night, before the Downhill run, we posted a short video (thank you, you tube) about how Lindsey Vonn, arguably the best downhiller in the world, trains. Lindsey is at the very edge of physical limits when she trains–because first she knows how dangerous the downhill hill can be(and the price for a mistake) and secondly, she has been injured, and so has to rehab to reach, again, her peak performance capability.
Before the Combined–which is an event in which the Olympians must both run a downhill and a slalom course (winner is the one with the lowest combined time)–is the perfect time to take a look at Mikaela Shiffrin’s training routine. Mikaela is the best slalom skier in the world so it seems totally appropriate to see what she does to prepare for those seconds on the competitive slope. And, it’ll also give you a chance to compare what Mikaela does vs. what Lindsey does.
Again–it takes more than talent to be world class. It takes a level of commitment many just can’t muster.
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of our friends at YouTube, who have an astonishing array of great and necessary videos of and for our times. This video has not been altered in any way. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. The Nightshift and Nightsports are productions of Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker. Thanks for reading (and watching). 

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