The Winter Olympics Schedule: 23 February 2018

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The last hours of the 2018 Winter Olympics are on us…..better get your TV fix in now or it’s a four year wait to see more winter games.   Television coverage in the United States is via NBC and NBCSN; there is also coverage on the Olympic Channel, CNBC, and USA network (well done to NBC for putting all of this on air). Xfinity (parent company of NBC) has special channels dedicated to each of the Olympic sports. Check your local listings as programming can vary due to weather conditions and programming considerations. One more thing: the visual purity and graphics produced by NBC in support of their telecasts reached the level of broadcast art in last week’s coverage, with some of the most stunning picture framing, color saturation, and on-screen graphics of any Olympics.
One more thing: 4K. Has anyone been able to view any of the coverage in 4K? It’s out there, but you have to hunt to find it. The Media Bunker has been unsuccessful in accessing it (so far).
The following events are scheduled for today.
Alpine Skiing
Figure Skating
Freestyle Skiing
Ice Hockey
Nordic Combined
Short Track
Speed Skating
Remember: The nightly prime-time telecasts will feature the most popular events; if you want to see some of the more unique/esoteric events, check out NBCSN, and the other networks (especially the Olympic Channel, which has up to 50 different feeds available on demand. ) which are available all day on air, online, and streaming. Some events at this Olympics have been delayed or postponed, especially the Alpine Skiing events, due to high winds, so NBC’s programming will shift accordingly. We follow everything via NBCSN since they tend to show it all.
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