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Long before there was an Enzo Ferrari making expensive, high performance cars, there was Ettore Bugatti, making expensive high performance cars. The Bugatti was the most desirable automobile of its era (twenties/thirties) and was successful in all forms of racing. The cars were all custom made; Bugatti provided the chassis and engine and clients selected the coachwork based on their personal preference. Bugatti did have models (called Types by the factory) which had similar performance specs, but each Bugatti was unique and basically one of a kind.
One of the most spectacular of all Bugattis–both for the size and the expense–was the Type 57 Atlantic SC. These cars are sensational, highly desirable even today, and only a handful of them were ever built. Luckily, the ones that are left have come under the care of owners (like Ralph Lauren) who can afford to restore them to day-it-left-the-factory-glory (or even better in some cases); one of the very best examples in the world recently won the Best of the Best designation from the Peninsula.
The Bugatti brand/name/legacy has been revived (the company was purchased by Audi several years ago) over the last decade and the new models are every bit as striking and fast and desirable as their historical brethren. A Bugatti sighting today–of a new or old model– is a very rare event, so if you see one, savor it. In the meantime, click on the link above and enjoy a few minutes with one of the very best automobiles ever made.
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