The Nightshift: 10 March 2018

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Good Morning, it’s Saturday, 10 March 2018  and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift.
U.S. wanna-be-pharmaceutical executive, Martin Shkreli, was sentenced yesterday to 7 years in prison for financial fraud for his management and initiative with a variety of drug companies and hedge funds. He received massive public criticism for taking control of the drug Daraprim and then raising its’ price 5000%. The drug is used by HIV/AIDs patient; it was priced at $13.50/tablet before Shkreli gained control of it; he raised the price to $750 per tablet. Shkreli was talented but socially inept and turned to the dark side. It did not end well. Orange is the new black.
The art of the deal. Not. It has been reported that President Trump’s attorneys are seeking a “deal” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In exchange for an interview with Trump, the theory goes, Trump and his legal team would receive assurances that the investigation–as it relates to Trump–would wrap up within sixty (60) days of the date of the interview. That’s not going to happen. First, the entire investigation is about Trump; the people charged so far in the investigation are enablers and cohorts; second, an investigation is not a finite event (like how long will it take to paint a house) because of the almost infinite number of variables or leads that can be developed. The fact that Trump’s attorneys are seeking a “deal” in advance of an interview of Trump tells you how much jeopardy the President is possibly facing.
And the drama continues: It has been revealed that Michael Cohen, President’s Trump personal attorney, used both his Trump organization email and his Trump organization title in communications with adult film star Stormy Daniels, who has alleged that President Trump had an affair with her over a decade ago. Not a good move, in an incident full of them.
ESPN has shut down the “revamped” Sports Center 6PM edition. The show was designed to take the time-honored format of Sports Center and update it with two hosts, Jamele Hill and Michael Smith, who had a popular talk show on the network and who were known for their personal chemistry and oft-controversial viewpoints. The show bombed because sports fans expect more facts and less personal opinions from Sports Center. The network is in the throws of a long-term struggle to cut costs and remain relevant in an era of cord cutting and societal change.
Today is National Mario Day, celebrating “Super Mario”, the hero of the Nintendo video games. Time to drag out the gaming console!
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