The Nightshift: 5 May 2018

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The Nightshift has experienced a few technical glitches over the last several days. We’re in catch up mode for the next few posts…posts that were scheduled but did not go online are being posted in order. Thanks for reading. 
Good evening, it’s Saturday, 5 May 2018, and this is the evening edition of The Nightshift, the world’s overnight news source.
Kentucky Derby
NASA Mars Mission
Warren Buffett 
Emmanuel Macron
Today is Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas, chips & hot sauce, guacamole, and fajitas anyone?
It’s May 2018 and time for a new world news playlist, curated, as always, by The Nightshift’s music editor/DJ Miles Geauxbye and his pal Tschugge (from Switzerland). Just click the short link and, courtesy of Spotify, you’ve got a whole playlist of music to get through the news. And remember: Miles and Tschugge add to and delete songs from the playlist on an almost daily basis…so it’s not always the same list twice. Here’s the link for this month’s new  playlist:  May Tunes
The front pages (and sometimes more) of the world’s great English language newspapers are linked below. The International Headlines are all at your fingertips, below. As always, thanks for dropping by. We have added the English language feed of Agence France-Presse to the news index along with the McClatchy DC News Bureau. Also new: the UPI international news feed and Xinhua, a newsfeed focusing on China, Asia, and the Pacific. And, finally, we have a link to, which covers the world oil markets. Seems appropriate considering the dynamics of that most necessary commodity.
The Front Page Links
The Times (London
Financial Times (UK)
The Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland)
The Wall Street Journal (European edition)
Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
New York Times (New York)
The Boston Globe (Boston)
The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)
Daily News Egypt (Cairo)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
The Moscow Times (Moscow)
Le Figaro (Paris) (New York)
The Jerusalem Post (Jerusalem)
The Japanese Times (Tokyo)
The Local (Oslo)
Sputnik (Moscow)
The Buenas Aires Herald (Buenas Aires)
The Sidney Morning Herald (Sidney)
Deadline Hollywood (Hollywood)
FiveThirtyEight (New York City)
Politico (Washington, DC)
Lawfareblog (Washington, DC)
Wired (San Francisco, CA)
The Weather Channel
CNN News Text Site
Ars Technica  
Agence France-Presse
McClatchy DC Bureau
Oil Prices Dot Com
The Fine Print. Embed courtesy of our friends at, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. This image has not been altered in anyway. We thank for sharing. This post is number 1765  for this site. The Nightshift is a continually evolving experiment in news communications and is a production of Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker. It’s rapid iteration within a surprisingly wide bandwidth. Thanks for reading. Now–catch up on the world.

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