Nightshift Sports: Wimbledon Day 8

9 July 2018
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The tournament is reaching critical mass. Yesterday was “Manic Monday”, with all of the remaining men and women competitors on the court (that also includes the various permutations of doubles teams). Today, it’s the women only, playing in the quarter finals. The matches are being broadcast on ESPN.
Results to Date
Still in the tournament: Williams, Giorgi, Bertens, Gorges, Kasatkina, Kerber, Cibulkova, and Ostapenko.  Serena Williams could find herself playing, again, for a Wimbledon Championship, after taking a year off to have her first child.
Federer, Raonic   Nishikori, Anderson, Isner, Nadal, Djokovic, and del Poltro remain in the men’s draw.
In other British-centric sports news. English soccer fans will be closely watching today’s semi-final World Cup match, which pits France (now the favorite to win the entire tournament) against Belgium (a tough, smart team that is very disciplined). The match will be played at 2PM Eastern so if you have a chance to see it…….you’ll be in the company of millions.
Miss Manic Monday at the Big W? How about some highlights, from courtesy of our friends at YouTube, The Wimbledon Channel, and The Guardian.

We have added a link to Wimbledon’s YouTube channel to our resources. Signup to see exclusive videos and special features. Maybe even get a chance to see the Raonic serve and Monfils behind the back groundie. If you’re a tennis fan, check it out.
You know the drill by now: Nightshift Sports provides overnight updates on the previous day’s play, along with relevant links to the best coverage (print, on the net, TV, and streaming) and an amazing collection of photos from the event. We continue to add interesting links to and about Wimbledon. Today, there’s a new link to Wimbledon’s Instagram feed, as well as one to the Wimbledon official Twitter Feed. Now you can stay in touch from the comfort of your phone…..
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