Nightshift Sports: Tour de France, Stage 16

24 July 2018
The Tour de France, the world’s greatest long-distance bicycle race, goes on at the same time France is playing in the world’s largest single sports event. What a year and maybe, just maybe, the Franco rise to the top of the sports world is one of the reason’s why this year’s Tour seems more festive than some in the past. The Tour is being covered by Nightshift Sports as part of our coverage of  The Golden Season of Classic Sports.  To get you in the mood and increase your enjoyment of the 2018 Tour, Nightshift Sports has put together a set of resources that will not only keep you up to date on the Tour, but also make you more knowledgeable about many of its’ various facets through articles, photo essays, video, and links. We have added the official Tour de France (“TDF”) twitter feed …so enjoy.
The Move is a podcast covering the 2018 Tour de France. We include their latest podcast in the Nightshift Sports coverage of the Tour.

And, one more clip to view, Phillipe Gilbert’s rather spectacular crash (he is OK)….

A complete set of resources to understand and enjoy the 2018 edition of The Tour is below. And, of course, click on the video (above) to for a recap of today’s events at The Tour.
Direct Link to Official Tour de France website
Official Route of the Tour de France 
Tour de France Coverage/Cycling News
The Guardian Coverage of Tour De France 
The Bikes of the Tour de France
New Bike Models at Tour de France
Riders and Teams for 2018 Tour de France
Teams in the Tour de France
Official Instagram Feed: #letourdefrance
Tour de France on Twitter :
Where to Watch the Tour de France
The Fine Print: Image Embeds courtesy of Images have not been altered in any way. We thank them for sharing. Special thanks to our friends at the Tour de France for the direct links to their website(s). Thanks, also, to our friends at YouTube and the Tour de France along with NBC who enable the video recap of the day’s events. This video has not been altered in any way. We thank them for making it available.We also thank The Move for making their podcast available. Thanks guys. Also thanks to our friends at the Guardian for the links to their coverage of the Tour. The Guardian provides rather spectacular coverage of sporting events. They could use your support if you enjoy their work (and you will). The Nightshift staff supports the Guardian. We invite you to join us.  Nightshift Sports is produced by Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker. All rights not expressly reserved by others are reserved by donald pierce. All text copyright (c) 2018 donald pierce. Thanks for reading and following. Enjoy the tour…..and ride your bike (more).

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