The Weekend Concert Series: Aretha Franklin Meets the Blues Brothers

The Hunt for New Music:
A classic that always brings a smile to your face: Aretha Franklin with her great performance of “Think” from “The Blues Brothers” movie. The direction by John Landis is spot-on and very, very, sharp–notice how he doesn’t bring the Blues Brothers into the choreography until late in the video. Absolutely terrific.
The Fine Print: Video embed provided by our friends at YouTube. Video posted by Juanjo de Goya on May 7th, 2013. The video has not been altered in any way. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. Special thanks to director John Landis who directed the Blues Brothers movie and is one of our very best comedic directors. The Hunt for New Music posts are produced by Perception Engineering and the Media Bunker;  we won’t go into details on the process, but we believe that very loud music, huge flat screens, and other special accessories are involved. 

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