Annals of YouTube: Joe Walsh on Setting up a Gibson Les Paul Guitar

The Hunt for New Music:
Who can forget the searing, scorching, call-the-cops guitar solos in “Life in the Fast Lane”, the song written by Joe Walsh, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey, that owes its’ existence to Walsh’s opening guitar solo. So…’s a perfect world, it is, and someone–who really, really, likes you–has gifted you with a Gibson Les Paul Guitar and you’d like to get going on it but it needs, you know, to be set up. As before–it’s a perfect world, so here, to show you how to setup your Gibson Les Paul is the right man for the job, Joe Walsh.  This piece turned up in a YouTube search for something totally different but…it’s just too terrific to stay hidden in the search results. Even if you don’t play guitar, you should love it. Joe Walsh is a bit of a rock and roll treasure.
The Fine Print, Credit where Credit is Due Department. Published on, initially, on 7 June 2015, by mojoresen74.The video has a Gibson logo in the corner so Gibson may have made this video available or produced it. All rights belong to respective rights holders. We do want to thank everyone involved in this video for making it available. 

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