Last Call for New Orlean’s Black Bars


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 Cruising through this week’s New York Times–one of the world’s great newspapers, no matter your political persuasion–came across a brilliant photo/historical essay written and photographed by L. Kasimu Harris that covered the background, culture, past, and somewhat shaky future of the black bars of New Orleans, i.e. the juke joints and straight-up bars that served the social, musical, and community needs of New Orleans. The piece was brilliant, really,  and you could feel the grit of the bars from the prose and the photos and it was just very, very well done. Now, (Everything.All the Time) doesn’t have the circulation of the New York Times but we know a good piece when we see it and when see one we like to share it with like-minded souls and even those souls who aren’t like-minded but maybe, just maybe, we could drag across the tracks so they could look at things a little differently, shuffle to a better beat, get in sync with a few parts of life they might enjoy if….they’d just take the plunge. So here ’tis. Click the link and go back and forward in time simultaneously to a serious element of culture from a city that’s a got a bunch of them. Enjoy.  And thanks to L. Kasimu Harris for bringing this to light.




This post was originally published on 24 February 2020, which places it on the Monday before Fat Tuesday. Photo courtesy of our friends at, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. The photo has not been altered in any way. All rights belong to Getty Images and/or their designate. We thank the New York Times for the link.  Text(c) 2020 Donald Pierce, all rights reserved; post produced by the Media Bunker and Perception Engineering. Don’t overindulge during your own personal Mardis Gras, and drive safely. See year. 



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