How They Do It: Ford vs. Ferrari Driving Scene

One of the best movies of the winter was Ford vs. Ferrari, the story of the racing/corporate battle between the Ford Motor Company’s Henry Ford II and Ferrari’s Enzo Ferrari. In a movie with a lot of great action/driving scenes, one of the most memorable ones did not take place on the racetrack, but on an airport runway, and featured Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby (as Ford’s racing expert/car builder) and actor Tracy Letts who played Henry Ford II. Letts talked about shooting the very dramatic scene with the New York Times and his interview will both refresh your memory of the scene (if you’ve seen the movie) and give a new appreciation to your understanding of the difficulty of shooting a film. Click here to read Letts’ interview. And, to appreciate the chaotic nature of riding in race cars, here’s the scene as it played out on the screen.  And hangon. 



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