The Coronavirus Guide: 23 April 2020


This is a special post from DonaldPierce.Com (“DPC”)  designed to serve as a workbook/guide/clearing house of current and valid information on CV (also known as Covid-19). We will add new material to the sources, articles, and links listed here on a regular basis. Our last post was on 22 April 2020. Most recent articles are marked by an asterisk. Please note that this site spotlighted the positive results of Remdesivir on Coronavirus patients a week before national media noticed the drug. We also added the very complete Coronavirus Dashboard from Axios, which has been running on The Nightshift international news sites (as well as Axios, of course) for about three weeks. All the more reason to stay in touch with our research databank. 

 Reliable Sources on the Coronavirus Pandemic 

*Potential of coronavirus vaccines under development(Journal of Medical Virology)

*Update on Coronavirus Situation in Japan(

*Coronavirus Resources (Medscape)

*Coronavirus Research Update (JAMA Network)

*Coronavirus Funding for Researchers(Fogarty International Center) 

*Will Antibody Tests Prove to Be Really Effective in Combating Coronavirus (Nature)

*Remdesivir Proves Effective Against Key Enzyme of Coronavirus (Science Daily)

* Chinese Tighten Control Over Coronavirus Research Paper Publication by Chinese Scientists

*Five Months Later, Here’s What We Know About The Coronavirus (Guardian)

The Speed of Coronavirus Research Could Be A Problem (Naked Capitalism..required reading)

Axios Coronavirus Dashboard (Axios)

BioPharma Latest Update on Coronavirus (Biopharma)

 Death Toll His 83,000 (Medical News Today

New Statistics on Russian Coronavirus Cases (Statista)

Novel Coronavirus Information Center(Elsevier)

Coronavirus Disease Statistics and Research(Our World In Data)

Science Papers You Should Be Reading About Coronavirus (Fred Hutch)

The Prevalence of Underlying Conditions in Coronavirus Cases (Nature)

Global Research on Coronavirus (WHO)

Viral Proteins Point to Potential Treatments (Nature)

Coronavirus Research Highlights (BioMed Central)

Drugs in the Pipeline (Clinical Trials Arena)

Coronavirus remains Stable on Surfaces for Hours (NIH)

Global Megatrial of Four Most Promising Vaccines (AAAS)

New England Journal of Medicine Articles on COVID-19

Situational Analysis from the CDC

Ars Technica Comprehensive Guide to Coronavirus

The Lancet COVID-19 Resource Center (The Lancet)

24,000 Research Papers on Coronavirus Available online via MIT

Testing in U.S. (CDC)

Everything You Need to Know About Testing (Wired) 

Situation Summary of Covid-19 (CDC) (Continuously Updated)

New York Times Guide to CoronaVirus (Continuously Updated) 

Prepping the CoronaVirus Vaccine (Scientific American)

Coronavirus Prep Kit (CDC)

Coronavisus Resource Center (Harvard Medical School) (Continuously Updated)

Coronavirus Symptoms (World Health Organization)

CV Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment (Family Doctor)

History of Coronavirus (Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal)

What Is a Corona Virus?(Science Alert.Com)

Wikipedia Entry on Coronavirus

CV and the Anti-Lessons of History (The Lancet)

The Governments Mixed Messaging on CV ( 


 The Fine Print: Photography courtesy of our friends at Getty Images, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. This photo has not been altered in any way. All rights belong to Getty and/or their designate. Text,  copyright (c) 2020 Donald Pierce and Southchester Group LLC, all rights reserved. Research Produced by the Media Bunker and Perception Engineering. who are going to be riding the storm out with you.  The sunlight is coming. Thanks for reading. 

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