In another era, decades ago, traditions and the clubs to support them flourished in the world’s great resorts and high adventure locations. One of these great clubs is the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club, founded in the late 1800s. The St.M.T.C. is the home of the world famous Cresta Run( if you’ve heard of the Cresta Run, you’ve been raised in a very appropriate household) , a 3/4 mile sledding run on which riders can top 80MPH. The riders go down the run on a skeleton sled, a sliding device that is brutally simple and bears little resemblence to the Flexible Flyer you had a kid; it has no steering mechanism and is steered by the shifting of the rider’s weight. A skeleton is a one person only device and skeleton riding as a sport is considered worthy enough to be a sport in the Winter Olympics. Traditions evolve to survive and to reflect changing times and the St.M.T.C. is no exception; although it once had a “no women” membership policy (denying access to the famed Cresta Run)times change and in 2018 the club decided to allow women into the club (in a bit of a test). Now, one fifth of the 1250 members of the club are female. In March, the New York Times ran a terrific article on the Cresta Run, the St.M.T.C. and the changing times in which we live.  The article is well worth your attention as it reminds us, again, of a past and cultural history that is special and well worth preserving. Perhaps, one day in the near future, “the new normal” will have settled in and we can enjoy again some of the traditions and events which make life so special. In quarantine, however, we will have be satisfied with looking back. 



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