Time once again for some soundtrack for our current situation….no need to tell you, highly intelligent and perceptive reader/viewer that the good ole USA is in a pickle of a situation currently. Between the coronavirus pandemic, the economic slowdown/meltdown, the political advertising and constant media barrage of us vs. them opinions and policy situations, we’re just fatigued with all of it. So…no written editorials. Instead one song that gets right to the core: “The Man In The Tin Foil Hat”, this one by Donald Fagan and Todd Rudgren. Great music, even better lyrics. Perfect for our times (hopefully, the chaos will stop soon with the coming November elections).

The Fine Print: Video Embed courtesy of YouTube and Paul Grey. All copyrights owned by their designated owners. This site makes no claim to copyright ownership. Special thanks to YouTube for making the music available. “Sound Track For the News”  post  produced by Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker team, who spend a lot of time listening and listening and listening some more to the songs and performances.  Copyright 2020 donald pierce and SouthchesterGroup, LLC. Stay well, stay safe, and wash your hands. And practice safe distancing….it’s not so bad.

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