It was, of course, going to end sooner or later. The French electro/techno/pop group Daft Punk has decided to break up after 23 years and six Grammy’s and a history of changing one segment of the music world. They were fearless, innovative, more interested in the music than the fame and money (what a nice change), and confident enough to work with the very best musicians of our time. You might want to go deep background on the duo-infamous for wearing helmets to keep their visual personal identities confidential–by reading Joe Coscarelli’s piece on them in the New York Times. 

The duo, notoriously private, perhaps realized that they were at the end of their musical road. All music is on a timeline, and what was ground breaking ten years ago may just seem to be a vision/sound that no longer syncs with the times a decade later. Whatever the reason, the reality is that they had a huge impact on music and music performance, and wrote, produced, and performed songs that were so often the perfect soundtrack for our times. There is no more music in their archives to be released (as far as we know), so they left it all on the field. Would we like to have more from Daft Punk? You bet. But we must also realize that artists create at their  own pace and they also have the right to stop when they feel it’s time. For Daft Punk, it was time. Thanks for the melodies. 

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